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The Mouse is a BIG deal! Who knew?

June 23, 2017

Sitting…Ergonomics…and the Executive…Part Three

In our last 2 editions of “Sitting…Ergonomics…and the Executive” we began our discussion on how to prevent insidious pains and discomforts caused by sitting and working on computers.   These physical inconveniences along with fatigue and headaches are the result of “cumulative micro trauma” (CMT).  It fits the definition of insidious perfectly as CMT is apparently hidden to most people until the “micro trauma” accumulates enough to cause the above mentioned physical manifestations.

happy-at-work-saidaonlineThe GOOD news is just because you sit while working and use a computer and a phone (Oh my goodness!!) doesn’t mean you have to feel bad!  There is a technique for everything in life and FIT’s Laws of Sitting help people to prevent and eliminate CMT.

In our last publication I mentioned neck and shoulder discomfort and how a monitor’s position can predispose one to these conditions.  Well guess what else is causing countless people across globe neck, shoulder, headaches and wrist issues?  It only weighs a few ounces but causes tons of pain to many people.  The MOUSE’s position dictates where 6% of your body’s weight is positioned.  Yes your arm and shoulder weigh approximately 6% of your body weight.

Crispy-Computer-mouse-top-down-viewCheck this out.  Bend your elbow to a 90 degree angle with it next to your body.  Now push your elbow (arm) away from your body about 4 inches, the approximate position people are in when working with their mouse.  Hold your arm in that position for 30 seconds or so, or until you feel discomfort.  Please notice where the discomfort is registering on your body.  Now put your arm back close and next to your body again.  Do you feel sudden relief?

You will significantly reduce neck and shoulder discomfort (and even some headaches) by keeping your elbow close to your body when “mousing”.   The basics of office ergonomics are VERY SIMPLE.  All of us can better control how we feel on and off the job by learning the how to sit and use our electronics properly.  Call us to discuss our on-site employee and budget friendly Sittingsafe® program for office personnel and executives or our Backsafe® program for non-office personnel (800.775.2225).

Our next edition will address back pains and injuries and how they can be prevented on and off the job.  Until then reread this series of 3 newsletters on how to prevent office related CMT and make yourself feel better to more enjoy the life you work so hard for!

Dennis Downing, CEO

Future Industrial Technologies, Inc.


My achin’ neck/back/shoulders etc…and what to do about it!

May 19, 2010

Many of us who sit and work at a computer all day may not realize it, but how we go about this can dramatically affect our quality of life.

Neck, shoulder, wrist, back pain and even mild or acute headaches can be the result of having your computer, keyboard, or mouse in the wrong position.

Isn’t it amazing that nowhere in our educational system were we ever taught how to use our bodies correctly, while we perform simple activities of daily living?

Here are a few tips to put you in more control of how you feel. 

Standard Size Monitor heightthe top of the screen should be at eye level.  You should be able to read your screen without tilting your head up or down.  This can be adjusted by something as low tech as a phone book—finally there’s use for the good ol’ phone book you have hanging around!

Monitor distance—your monitor should be at a position that allows you to easily read comfortably–approximately an arm’s length away.  If it is too far away you will reach your head out towards the screen to see it better.  This “forward head posture” is pandemic with today’s office worker and is a major cause of neck and shoulder discomfort and can cause headaches.  Move your monitor closer or even increase your font size (!) if you need to, in order to prevent you from jutting your chin towards your monitor.


Our Sittingsafe® Office ergonomic workshop teaches employees how to adjust their workstation correctly for their bodies, in order to eliminate insidious physical tension that can accumulate over time from improper computer use.  Please contact us, we can help!

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