About Backsafe® & Sittingsafe®

Future Industrial Technologies (FIT) was established in 1992 to prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries.  FIT prevents back injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome and other sprain/strains via our proprietary training methodology called Bionomics™.

Bionomics (Body + Manage) helps employees to understand how they can take charge of how they feel at the end of their workday.  We have developed two programs based on the Bionomic principles called Backsafe® and Sittingsafe®.  Both programs are designed to change employees’ physical behavior on and off the job.

FIT has trained close to 1 million employees in many and varied industries.  Airlines, healthcare, trucking, distribution, food processing, warehousing, busing, city, county, state, and provincial, utilities, banking, office, and many other industries have experienced significant reductions in work related injury costs.

The key to FIT’s success in reducing back injuries and other costly sprain/strains lies in the programs ability to get employees to buy-in to using the Backsafe and Sittingsafe principles after the training while at work and at home.

Sittingsafe is an office ergonomic training program that results in employees that finally understand how to use their existing ergonomic furniture and who can adjust any workstation safely specifically for themselves.

Backsafe is a highly interactive training program using the FIT proprietary job based obstacle course.  Each program is highly customized for each job description.   Both programs combine biomechanics, stretching, ergonomics and our practical training module.

FIT has over 1000 certified trainers throughout the US and Canada.  Train the Trainer programs and Corporate Licensing Options for our programs are available to North American and European organizations.

Statistics of our success are available upon request.  For more information on how to stop painful and expensive sprain/strain injuries please email us or visit us at www.backsafe.com.  Or give us a call at:  805-967-2485.  We’d love to hear from you.

The new economy dictates that we now stop injuries before they happen.  We look forward to helping you to “prevent tomorrow’s injuries today”.


Dennis Downing, CEO

Future Industrial Technologies, Inc.



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